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Travelmall Switzerland XL UV-C Steriliser ‘Famille and Gesundheit’ Exclusive Box Set

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Travelmall Switzerland XL UV-C Steriliser ‘Famille and Gesundheit’ Exclusive Box Set for Mother’s Day Travelmall Switzerland

‘Famille and Gesundheit’ Exclusive Box Set - An unusually thoughtful gift for a friend, a relative and your parents during this period. Travelmall Switzerland has announced the ‘Famille and Gesundheit’ Exclusive Box Set timely for those who have a greater need of products for sterilising and minimising bacteria’s that stay on their personal belongings and smartphones, which will provide greater care and respect for your parents, relatives, friends, colleagues and family members in this difficult period. It is also a perfect gift for the coming Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just for your family. We accept order from worldwide fans and customers and deliver them by DHL Express.

The Travelmall XL UV-C Steriliser Station with a 10W Qi Wireless Charger is designed to sterilise and may kill bacteria most commonly identified on smartphones' displays or personal belongings (such as keys, etc.), which are used at home or the office, thanks to its built-in UV-C LED technology.

The Portable UV-C Steriliser is designed for your family to be able to sterilise the surfaces of different items such as smartphones, door handle, clothing and other surfaces, with a pre-set 2 minute sterilising program. Travel-size ready with a protective cover, which can be extended whilst using the UV-C light function, it is ideal for use at home, in the office, in hotels, in toilets, public spaces.

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